What we do

Dyehard develops and operates private label, omni-channel retail experiences that reinforce our partner’s brands and build meaningful, long-term relationships with their fans. These include in-venue, event merchandising solutions, permanent fan shops and online stores.

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On-site merchandising

Every event and on-site merchandising program we develop is a collaboration with our partners, designed to address their unique circumstances including location constraints, space considerations, traffic flow and other factors. All of our event merchandising solutions are designed to function as part of a seamless omni-channel retail experience for your consumers. When we assume responsibility for an existing location-based merchandising program from another provider, we routinely deliver strong year-over-year revenue growth and improvements in consumer satisfaction scores.


We increasingly live in a mobile world so our e-commerce platform is designed as a mobile-first, best-in-class solution that functions seamlessly with our on-location stores to build a comprehensive, omni-channel shopping experience. Our online shopping solutions are also built entirely around our partner’s brands with an emphasis on engagement that develops long-term relationships with their fans.

Fan relationship management

Dyehard functions as a caretaker of our partner’s data. We engage your fans and collect valuable consumer information across all of the retail solutions we provide to help maximize retail intelligence, understand consumer behavior and maximize lifetime value. All of our fan management solutions are designed to reinforce our partner’s valuable brands.